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How to do a feasibility forecast ?

Steps to do an analaysis and getting results

NIAK FMCS Elements



Piping Feasibility Forecast System Purpose

a decision support tool to optimize the prefabrication and erection processes of piping

NIAK FMCS Elements

The system purpose in regard to materials management can be summarized as follows:

  • Achieve the optimized piping work front according to construction priorities, available isometric drawings and available materials.
  • Calculate incoming materials and virtual allocation, in order to define the actions for monitoring the correct feeding of isometric drawings and bulk material to site, and to arranging possible corrective actions.



Piping Feasibility Analysis Concept

What the system really do ?

Material Coding System

let's take a closer look at what we have on this module

  • Piping Feasibility Analysis: is an activity allowing the association, to each item contained in the bill of materials (B.O.M.) of a given isometric selection (Work Package), of the relevant material, if available, in order to quantitatively evaluate a steady feed (Supply) of the mechanical works subcontractor with isometrics and bulk materials. Material availability may be regarded as physical availability in site warehouse ("feasibility on warehouse") or virtual availability with respect to the purchase order delivery date at site ("feasibility on P.O.").

  • Work Package: Selection of isometric drawings on which, each Line Number could have a priority, and system allocates material to lines according to their priorities.

  • Forecast: Procedure analyzing a selected work package and allocating to it the available material. The procedure offers various options that the user may select:
    • Allocation Level: physical or virtual location where the system looks for the material to be allocated.
    • Material work destination (Shop / Field / Both)

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