Procurement & Supply Chain Management System


is it ?

What is NIAK Procurement & S.C.M. System ?

It is an Integrated end-to-end procurement management system.

NIAK Procurement

NIAK® Procurement & Supply Chain Management System is a fully integrated financial management system solution that supports, automates and standardizes all stages of the indirect purchasing and procurement cycle - from requisitioning to paying vendors. These include: the initial identification of a need for products and services; expenditure approval; electronic data and information exchange with suppliers; goods delivery; expediting and inspection; invoice matching and payment settlement.

Who is

it for ?

A decision support system

Designed for organizations that want to control costs

NIAK Procurement

Our procurement management system is designed for organizations that want to control costs and streamline their procurement practices without sacrificing control - equally suited for both centralized and de-centralized purchasing processes. It enables procurement managers to move away from operational, day-to-day tasks and instead focus on managing and negotiating stronger supplier relationships, scrutinizing spend and purchase decisions, to ultimately evolve the procurement function from a cost- to a profit-centre.

How can

it help ?

NIAK Supply Chain Management System

Take advantage of earlier, more accurate materials purchase to optimize cash flow and eliminate overspending. This directly reduces CAPEX and confirms the materials procured are exactly matched to the project’s engineering and construction requirements. Our Procurement & S.C.M. solution combines better estimating, detailed tracking of material and costs, and smarter budget-driven purchasing to ensure “right price, right time, right place” on-site delivery of materials. It enables effective construction planning by identifying a continuous material status, such as purchasing, shipping, and arrivalon-site dates.


  • Obtain best value through effective supplier adoption, evaluation, and communication
  • Realise the full value and benefit from supplier contracts
  • Monitor and analyse procurement activity and performance

  • Streamline day-to-day purchasing processes for employees, managers and buyers
  • Leverage contracts and ensure compliance with organisation's policies and procedures
  • Maintain financial control and full visibility of the cost pipeline

Streamlining the entire procurement process:
  • Obtain best value for purchased goods and services
  • Reduce the cost of the procurement process
  • Improve financial control and transparency
  • Ensure compliance with organisation-wide productivity



Elements of NIAK® Procurement & S.C.M. System

Let's take a closer look at what we have on NIAK® Procurement & S.C.M. System

NIAK Procurement Elements

NIAK® Procurement & S.C.M. system is made up of a number of elements to addresses a particular area of the procurement control process.

  • Vendor List
  • Qoutation & Vendor Selection (Technical & Commercial Bid)
  • Purchase Order Package
  • Fabricatrion ( Control & Expediting )
  • Shipment & Inland Transportation
  • Delivery to site



Vendor List

Classify and categorize Vendor List (Suppliers).

NIAK Vendor List,Vendor List

Vendor List is a powerfull tools to record vendor's infomation and precedents. It enables you to define elements such as supplier qualifications, deliverable products ,addresses, rating, and project short lists. Accessing historical information for suppliers based on their performance rating or purchase order history in previous or current projects will help you make better decisions during the negotiation phase.

  • Vendor Evaluation
  • Certificates
  • Products
  • Sub-Suppliers
  • Workshops
  • Previous Experiences
  • Contract History
  • Project Assignment
  • Agents & Representatives



Qoutation & Vendor Selection

Gathering vendors quotations, evaluate , negotiation and selecting the best choice

NIAK Quotation & Vendor Selection,NIAK M.R.,NIAK M.R.

This part of our solution will helps and guide the users to do the inquiry process more efficient. The goal of this module is to manage each procurement package from sending IFQ & RFQ to suppliers, gathering suppliers qoutations (Technical quotations & Commercial quotations) , negotionations , clarifications, evaluating received quotations (Technical Bid Evaluation & Commercial Bid Evaluation) , taking essential approvals from client and finally selecting the best proposal.



Purchase Order Package

Optimize cash flow and eliminate overspending , smarter budget-driven purchasing.

NIAK Purchase Order Package,NIK P.O. Package

To remain competitive in businesses you need to have some kind of purchase order management software solution. If you continue to try and handle purchase orders manually, you’ll likely lose business and be frustrated. There is a better way that can simplify your business processes and offer you centralized control and management of your purchase orders. this part of our soloution will help and guide you to control

  • Payment Terms
  • Guarantees (APG / PBG)
  • L/C (Expiration, Amendments ,...)
  • Payments



Fabrication Control & Expediting

It enables effective construction planning by identifying a continuous material status

NIAK Procurment Fabrication Control & Expediting

Purchasing information and modifications can be reused in expediting. NIAK® Procurement Fabrication Control & Expediting change management functionality ensures your data is always reliable and up to date, even during revisions. You can remotely access the Expediting/ Inspection module through the Internet by third parties such as suppliers, freight forwarders, or inspectors. through this module you can record valuable information as listed below :

  • Kick off meeting
  • List of Vendor/Supplier deliverable documents
  • Review and approval cycle of vendor/supplier engineering documents
  • Inspection & Expediting meetings
  • Factory Tests
  • Release Notes


Inland Trans.

Shipment & Inland Transportation

Utilising powerful features to trace and record status of shipped goods

NIAK Shipment & Inland Transportation

This part of NIAK® Procurement solution utilizes your team to trace and manage shipping cycle for each procured package. the solution will provide and guide expeditors and logistic experts to update status of shipped materials as follow stages :

  • Shipping Agent Information
  • Invoices
  • Insurance Detail
  • Packing List
  • Bill of Lading
  • Certificate of origin
  • Custom Clearance Cycle (Charges & Stages)
  • Inland Transportation



Delivery To Site

what actually received at site and send feedback about shortage or damage

NIAK Delivery to site

Recodring Delivered Materials to site warehouse / construction and sending feedback to logistic team about overage , shortage and damage (OSD Report) and finalizing the delivery process.